SLO is ICI...ICI is more than SLO.

SLO is about simply silence, about unique get away retreats...ICI is about simply silence, about unique get away retreats...But ICI is more… ICI is about actually being somewhere, and only there. ICI is about being at one place at a time, mind and body. ICI is about for once only being yourself, with your loved ones... in the middle of nature... disconnected of other distractions. 

ICI is about social responsibility. About knowing there’s another way to treat our planet, to make sure she will be preserved : minimal ecological footprint, local & social economy, short supply chain economy… L’economie d’ICI. ICI is about taking care of ourself, our loved ones, and our beautiful planet. ICI is about Sustainability of Society.

ICI is here! We are happy to announce from now on SLO is gonna be called ICI! We’re looking forward to reveal our new unique locations which will reinforce the mission of ICI… Stay connected the upcoming months through our social media and website to find out what we’ve been working on…!

ICI is here!We are happy to announce from now on SLO is gonna be called ICI!